So has he finally popped the question and now it is the time to purchase that much-awaited engagement ring?  Well, joy will have no bound and everything (ring) that you set your eyes upon would look gorgeous. While you may be one of those who have longed to wear a certain type of ring for a very long me and finally it is time for you to get one for yourself since it is now the right and the official time for you to wear it.

Since there can be nothing that can match a beautiful diamond ring, here is a quick walkthrough that could help make a purchase on the right engagement ring from the diamond jewellery studio that would stay with your forever.

What is the colour of diamond that you prefer?

There are some who find the traditional transparent diamonds to be beautiful and elegant simply because it matches with almost anything that you wear. On the other hand, there are the rest who like their diamonds to be coloured. Now it eventually depends on you to make a choice on the one that you would want for keeps.

Keep in mind the cut of the diamonds

Diamonds come in numerous shapes where the most common ones are the heart-shaped, pear, round, emerald amongst the rest. Since it is you who would be wearing it out would have to make a choice on the one that suits your choice. Your partner could come to your rescue as well to help you out in case you stay confused.

What is the style of the ring that you prefer?

Even though it is your engagement ring and you have all the rights to flaunt it off that doesn’t mean that you make a pick on something that doesn’t suit your preferences just because it looks good and attractive. If you have a particular pattern and style that you prefer to stick to, choose the ring accordingly. The engagement ring is there to stay with you all the time and not sit placed in the cupboard just because you find it too large for the fingers.

The stone setting on the ring

Whether you prefer a solitaire place on the ring or would like it to be adorned with numerous tiny pieces of diamond, it is something you should be vocal about. It is something that is to stay with you and you are to decide on what should be there on your fingers.

Follow these above tips and watch your dreams come true while you announce the news to the world.

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