It is true that love is ageless and timeless and does not agree with the geographical boundaries of countries and continents but still you require to show your eternal love towards your lady love. There cannot be a better way to show your love by sending flowers to your lady. Flowers are the best way to convey your feelings and expressing your inner thoughts to your lady. It is because every type of flower conveys different feelings and messages. No matter in which part of the HK your lady lives your flowers will be delivered by flowers delivery in HK.

What different types of flowers convey?

  • Red roses: When you gift red roses to someone it signifies that you are passionate about her and her love with depth of heart. Pink roses show your admiration for the lady whom you are sending roses. The sending of white roses to someone shows the innocence of the lady. If you send a dozen of roses then it shows declaration of your love toward her. If you wish to congratulate someone then you can send 25 roses and sending of 50 roses shows your unconditional love.
  • Carnation: The red carnation shows love and passion where as the pink carnations shows your admiration for your lady and yellow carnation signifies disappointment and rejection. White carnation signifies innocence and purity. The striped carnation shows refusal.
  • Daisies: These flowers represent loyalty of love, purity and innocence. Gerber daisies show
  • Orchids: These flowers are found generally in Greece represents strength, luxury and the beauty or in other words it signifies the basic quality of male and female.
  • Gardenias: These flowers show secret love. It also represents joy, purity and sweetness.
  • Magnolias: These flowers represent nobility, dignity and perseverance. They show the love of nature too.
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