Selecting a gift for someone you love isn’t always the easiest thing. After all, you might have selected most of the traditional options over the years, for every other occasion. Notta & Belle, a company based in Europe, brings the concept of a roses bear. Also called the ultimate rose bear, this is a unique gift. Resembling the globally famed and recognized Teddy Bear, this is a product that’s made of over 500 3D decorative roses. Yes, you read that right. Designed for perfection and available in a bunch of colors, this can be the unusual gift you have been looking for. Here’s our review of this amazing product we discovered.

The process and craft

Notta & Belle has an in-house team of experienced members who craft each of these rose bears by hand. Each bear requires at least five hundred roses, which are tugged in together to create the final product. The company has launched a bunch of colors, right from red and purple to something as simple as white. The product is available in two sizes – 14-inches and 22-inches, and Notta & Belle plans to come up with unique boxes, which customers can order for a minimal charge.

Why is the rose bear so special?

Well, it is certain that you haven’t seen something as the rose bear. While fake brands have tried to copy the idea, Notta & Belle assures that there is nothing in the global market like this product. The Rose Bear from this company is meant to last, and even if you give it a tight hug now and then, you can expect the product to last for five to seven years. Notta & Belle uses a special kind of decorative roses, and it is almost not possible to distinguish these roses from natural ones. In terms of maintenance, the rose bear doesn’t require any special care, as long as it is handled with a little more attention and isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

If you want to order the product, you can check the website of Notta & Belle, where they have more information on shipping. They do ship bear roses all over the world, and yes, we found it to be an unusual product that’s likely to have a lasting effect on most people. You can even get one for your own home – Yes, it is a special creation worth displaying.

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